10 Powerful Ways to Lead without Fear



When I embarked on the tackling of the powerful ways to lead without fear, I actually didn’t know what that would be. The first thing that came to mind was fear. I am a fraud!  

Here’s the bottom-line: What you will read, feel, or know about superpowers is that they are not real.  

Here’s the newsflash: To be the unmasked superhero,  it requires you to harness your own weaknesses.  

This book is an invitation to you, leaders: Be weak!  

Through weakness, you can find clarity of your true identity. Read More...

You will find that no fancy coloured cape or mask can help you.  

Once you understand your pain, your trigger points, and your laughable characteristics, no one can break you anymore. Well, no one can do that to you when you are already aware of what they are.  

I will not attempt to teach you what leadership strategies, or tools that you need to learn,based on countless research. I believe you already did that part, so why repeat it?  

This book is a DARE to explore the humanity of the various roles we assume for being a leader, whether leading a team at work, or with your own family, or within the community.  

All that matters to me is that you can choose who you want to be, at your utmost true being, with or without a mask. You get to choose this time!    

Here we go.  

Each chapter is broken down into 10 powerful ways to lead without fear.  

Some parts consist of short stories, anecdotes, and observations from wisdom (or my ignorance or my anger), through my journey in leading my team at work, with family,and with my involvement in the community.  

You will also find some exercises in some of the chapters. This is an invitation for you to be curious so you can find your own truth of being an unmasked hero,and still be the hero that you wanted to be. These questions can be compelling when shared with others. So, this is the point where I DARE you to PAUSE, and step into your own space of greatness.  

This is not a book about Superman or Wonder Woman or gadgets from Batman. You will not see “kopow,” “bang,” or “shoosh.” Actually, we do experience the “kopow’s” and“shoosh’s” when we stumble in our roles.  

From me to you, this is a book about anger, frustration, disappointment, ignorance,loneliness and hurt that exists with the many roles that we play as a leader that we don’t normally articulate. Most of the time, we assume a different identity in order to mask our so-called weaknesses, because society dictates that leadership is power, authority and strength. These are the crucial qualities to be at the forefront of leading others. But I say, “It is not!”

Yes, amidst our role-playing, we do feel like a fraud for not being able to articulate from our hut (heart and gut). Our greatest tendencies come from our fear of being poorly judged from being called weak or unimportant.  

I hope to invoke the true power that lies behind the mask and make that become the forefront of leading powerfully and living fully.


  • This book gives a voice to many people who have struggled to fiercely articulate their authenticity. It is an easy anecdotal read, yet it will compel you to dare greatly.

    Dr. Perla Mitra-Aldaba – Graduate School Dean, Philippine College of Criminology and Former Director, Parole and Probation in Department of Justice
  • Superheroes Unmasked delivers a unique perspective on how to lead, live and love. We all have the power to show up without pretending to be someone else to earn the respect of others.

    Paras Mehta – Creative Director, Paras Events and Canadian Event Industry Star Awardee
  • A definite must read for everyone! This book contains powerful lessons to empower anyone struggling to achieve their possibilities.

    Judith Gonzales – President, Professional Career International and Founder of Fil-Core Support Group, Canada

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New York Times Top-10 Bestselling Co-Author of “Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul” and Author of “Double Your Income Doing What You Love

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Mahal is a professionally trained coach from the Coaches Training Institute, who believes in empowering leaders and innovating teamwork. She has a degree in Behavioural Science and masters studies in Clinical Psychology. Mahal has worked in diverse multicultural teams in the profit and non-profit sectors throughout her 20 years career, and has been featured in several local and international publications due to her avant-garde leadership work. Visit for more amazing details of her purpose.


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